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Peter Pan Bus Lines is one of the largest privately-owned motorcoach companies in the USA, serving over 100 communities in the Northeast corridor of the United States. We offer daily express service in major metro areas such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Tickets can be purchased at Peter Pan agencies, and here online.

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We believe information you can use is power. That’s why we pack as much real time information into our website as possible – and it’s available and being updated 24/7.

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Celebrating Eighty Years of Service and Safety

Peter Pan Bus Lines – A Legacy in Transportation Excellence

From the Start

Named after his children’s favorite bedtime story, Peter Picknelly started a legend of his own, still owned and run by family, three generations later.

To Today

Peter Pan Bus Lines is one of the largest privately owned motorcoach companies in the USA, and serves over one hundred communities daily.

Millions and Millions of Miles – Accident-Free!

Our Commitment to Safety is Our Driving Concern

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Our new travel planning website and customized dashboard helos you find and remember the information that is most important for you to be able to make all of your travel plans in ease and clarity.
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Why Our Customers Love Us

Your driver out of the Providence terminal provided great service; great attention to detail, and patient repeat of instructions; using humor and a friendly tone really minimized the stress that is often connected to travel. His approach was much appreciated by this traveler.

Providence Traveler

Just want to compliment your company for your excellent service. Over the holiday I traveled round trip from New York to Worcester. The experience was impressive! Your buses are beautifully clean and comfortable, the employees courteous and capable. We even arrived home an hour early! You are far superior. Thank you!

NYC-Worcester Traveler

I am on the 1:30pm express from Boston to NYC and this driver is so enthusiastic, accommodating, funny, and positive. She made sure I didn't hit my head getting my bag, and gave me a big hug when I told her how much we all appreciated her shipshape approach.

Boston-NYC Traveler

I took the bus from Providence to New York and the bus driver was the absolute best driver I have ever had. He was charming, funny and engaging but not at all overbearing or distracting. He was clear, communicative and concerned about delays, and always safe and professional. He really made my day.

Providence to NYC Traveler

Bus from Silver Spring to Baltimore was very comfortable, extremely gracious driver, and quick service with a smile. Much credit to your lovely driver, she was so nice and friendly, greeted everyone nicely. And an amazing driver! Thank you! Go Peter Pan!

Silver Spring to Baltimore Traveler

Peter Pan Bus Lines out of New York-Port Authority was absolutely phenomenal! The bus was timely, in good condition and the driver navigated NYC traffic with perfection. The customer service was extremely accommodating and the people were very kind. Not only will I use Peter Pan again but I will also recommend them to all my friends. The outlet for charging was a nice touch too! Thanks Peter Pan Bus Lines for the great service!

NYC Traveler

I am a 25 year Peter Pan customer on the Framingham to Boston runs. We have a new driver at 7:15 a.m. and he's just terrific. He's never late arriving in Framingham either! Very prompt and efficient on the road. I just wanted to pass on my appreciation.

Framingham to Boston Commuter

Today I have been blown away by Peter Pan's stellar service. Peter Pan was ON TIME... drivers were nice and I felt really safe on their coach. I am looking nowhere else. Awesome service Peter Pan... keep it up and kudos to management!

Worcester to NYC Traveler

Dan (at the ticket counter) is adamant about making sure that customers feel good and get on their buses to get to their destinations! Goes out of his way many times to explain times of arrival, destination points, and is overall respectful and eloquent with customers. What a great employee! I would hire him for Customer Relations in a heartbeat! He is outstanding. Great job and EXCELLENT worker!

Boston Traveler

Our driver was excellent. I admired that she was strong about respectful cell phone use, and at the same time was very caring and polite to everyone. The ride was blissfully peaceful and quiet - an unusual experience these days.

New York Traveler

The bus was incredibly comfortable, left and arrived on time, the driver was courteous and professional and it was a terrific way to get into town for the day! Peter Pan is terrific! Keep up the great work!

Boston Traveler

The driver who took me back from NYC to Providence was AMAZING. There was an elderly woman sitting next to me who was somewhat confused as to which stop in Providence she was to get off. She got off at the Convention Center and was panicked when she didn't see her son. So Eugene called her son to clarify. Although one would hope for such service, it is often not the case. Eugene deserves recognition for his kindness. I will definitely be riding Peter Pan again.

NYC to Providence Traveler

From the time Operator Dimauro picked us up at JFK Airport during the entire charter traveling to CT and NY destinations, he had a gracious and courteous attitude, punctuality, excellent and safe driving skills, as well as expertise in maneuvering the bus through the tight and busy streets of Manhattan, despite adverse weather conditions. He made us feel safe, secure, and in good hands the entire time. We were immensely impressed with his professionalism.

College Match GroupCharter Customer

A big thumbs up for Peter Pan's driver, Mary (NYC/DC). Mary is not only an excellent driver, but she is very professional, friendly, and she gave a nice, thorough announcement when we departed Port Authority. I will definitely keep her on my schedule of drivers I want to travel with. Thank you, Mary! 🙂

NYC-DC Traveler

You know you're appreciated when a Peter Pan customer service representative tells you, "You're part of the Peter Pan family now!" Sonjeana in D.C. greets me with a big smile, she is so friendly and has the patience of a saint. She is a valued employee. Any employer would do cartwheels to have her as part of their team.

Washington, D.C. Traveler

Mohamed in the Customer Service department went above and beyond to resolve a critical problem for me. I am sincerely thankful for his great customer service. He was incredibly patient and resourceful.

Peter Pan Traveler

EXCELLENT! ON SCHEDULE!! Amazingly clean bus, very clean bathroom, the wifi actually works! - and without CONSTANT advertising interruptions. There are seatbelts for every seat! And so far every employee has been courteous and helpful.

Peter Pan Traveler

Our driver, Kenny, did an exceptional job. He made all of his announcements, was extremely professional, friendly, and punctual. The bus was very clean, a comfortable temperature, and I really enjoyed my trip with him at the wheel.

Silver Spring, MD to NYC Traveler

My driver out of the Providence terminal provided great service; attention to detail and patient repeat of instructions; using humor and a friendly tone really minimized the stress that is often connected to travel. His approach was much appreciated by this traveler.

Providence Traveler

I would like to comment on the exceptional service I received from driver, Taj. He was very courteous, respectful, kind and attentive. At the end of the trip, a few other passengers also complimented the driver for his safe and timely driving. Thank you Peter Pan for taking the time to select drivers with great character and driving skills.

NYC to Hartford Traveler

Peter Pan bus station staff in Philadelphia are doing an excellent job!

Philadelphia Traveler

The Latest News From Us

Here Are Just A Few Things Happening Around Here

January 16, 2019

Rides as low as the tides on Cape Cod

Rides as low as the tides on Cape Cod Peter Pan kicks off Cape Cod bus service with introductory fares Springfield, MA – Peter Pan Bus Lines recently announced that it is now the provider of quality bus service for 15 points on Cape Cod, with connections to all Peter Pan destinations. And now the company is adding a wave…
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January 9, 2019

New wave of buses to cover Cape Cod

PRESS RELEASE for Immediate Release - starts Jan. 16 New wave of buses to cover Cape Cod Peter Pan announces NEW bus service for Cape Cod Springfield, MA – A new wave of top quality bus service will make a big splash on Cape Cod beginning on January 16. Peter Pan Bus Lines has announced new bus service from 15 points…
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December 20, 2018

Peter Pan Bus Lines celebrates 85 anniversary with 5 new MCI buses

85 years young, Peter Pan Bus Lines celebrates a major birthday with five new 2019 MCI J4500 models sporting leading edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Peter Pan Bus Lines, one of the motor coach industry’s largest privately owned motor coach companies, has depended upon the reliability of MCI’s bestselling J4500 from the model’s inception. Peter Pan was the very first…
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