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Peter Pan Bus

Due to an event taking place in UMass this next Thursday October 18, 2018 and Friday October 19, 2018. We will not…

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Peter Pan Bus

Attention MA Commuters! Commuter service is running on a reduced holiday schedule for Columbus Day. Please view our…

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Peter Pan Bus

Effective Oct. 1, 2018 our service between Springfield and Albany via Greenfield will no longer run. This route inc…

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Peter Pan Bus

We will continue to offer daily service between Springfield and Albany via Pittsfield, Lee and Lenox, as well as…

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Peter Pan Bus

Effective October 1, 2018 our service between Springfield and Albany via Greenfield will no longer run The last day…

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Peter Pan Bus

Effective August 16, 2018 - #PeterPanBus Changes Ticket Sales at Steamship Authority - #capecod

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Peter Pan Bus

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Peter Pan Bus Lines is one of the largest privately-owned motorcoach companies in the USA, serving over 100 communities in the Northeast corridor of the United States. We offer daily express service in major metro areas such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Tickets can be purchased at Peter Pan agencies, and here online.

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Named after his children’s favorite bedtime story, Peter Picknelly started a legend of his own, still owned and run by family, three generations later.

To Today

Peter Pan Bus Lines is one of the largest privately owned motorcoach companies in the USA, and serves over one hundred communities daily.

Millions and Millions of Miles – Accident-Free!

Our Commitment to Safety is Our Driving Concern

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Our new travel planning website and customized dashboard helos you find and remember the information that is most important for you to be able to make all of your travel plans in ease and clarity.
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Why Our Customers Love Us

My Peter Pan family... I am a regular rider between New York and Philadelphia, who loves your service, prices, and very safe drivers.

NYC to Philadelphia Traveler

I want to tell you how impressed I am with your service. You are not just more organized but your buses leave on time, I have not experienced over booking, and all but one of the buses I took this summer has the electrical outlets working, certainly important to those who have cell phones and computers. We need Peter Pan and I know there's plenty of competition out there so I wanted to share my experience.

NYC-Boston-Woods Hole Traveler

Riding the 7:20 pm Boston Logan [Airport] to Woods Hole route: Peter is a fantastic driver! He always does his best to accommodate everyone and especially to get us to Woods Hole to catch the last ferry home. I appreciate his hard work and dedication.

Boston Logan Airport - Woods Hole Traveler

The ride was great and I wish to salute my driver for her pleasant personality, as well as outstanding courtesy and professionalism. I was so impressed, I now plan on always traveling with Peter Pan in the future.

Philly to NYC Traveler

Our driver did a wonderful job on our trip to NYC! He knew his way around like nobody's business and we felt so safe with him behind the wheel.

Charter Customer

My driver did a great job! He was very nice and professional, and I was also impressed with the cleanliness of the coach. 5 STARS! You have earned a new loyal customer!

Boston to Providence Traveler

I am a 25 year Peter Pan customer on the Framingham to Boston runs. We have a new driver at 7:15 a.m. and he's just terrific. He's never late arriving in Framingham either! Very prompt and efficient on the road. I just wanted to pass on my appreciation.

Framingham to Boston Commuter

I have had the pleasure of taking several Peter Pan rides with your driver, Lois. Lois is always professional, always courteous, greeting passengers with a big smile. She is an excellent driver. She not only makes very thorough announcements when departing (including consistently keeping us updated during delays), but safety and concern for her passengers is always her first priority. She is a wonderful and valued employee, you are very fortunate to have her.

NYC - DC Traveler

Thank you for being a part of my round trip journey to a concert in Boston! On time performance! Thank you so much! Really appreciated.

Boston Traveler

My driver, Mike, was such a sweetheart. He drove in a safe manner was very professional, very alert, very helpful, very respectful, and of course, very courteous. On our return trip, we were greeted by another one of your fine operators, Brandon. I would like to thank the company for their selections on hiring the best of the best as well as catering to the needs of older people with or without disabilities.

Charter Customer

The bus was incredibly comfortable, left and arrived on time, the driver was courteous and professional and it was a terrific way to get into town for the day! Peter Pan is terrific! Keep up the great work!

Boston Traveler

The driver who took me back from NYC to Providence was AMAZING. There was an elderly woman sitting next to me who was somewhat confused as to which stop in Providence she was to get off. She got off at the Convention Center and was panicked when she didn't see her son. So Eugene called her son to clarify. Although one would hope for such service, it is often not the case. Eugene deserves recognition for his kindness. I will definitely be riding Peter Pan again.

NYC to Providence Traveler

From the time Operator Dimauro picked us up at JFK Airport during the entire charter traveling to CT and NY destinations, he had a gracious and courteous attitude, punctuality, excellent and safe driving skills, as well as expertise in maneuvering the bus through the tight and busy streets of Manhattan, despite adverse weather conditions. He made us feel safe, secure, and in good hands the entire time. We were immensely impressed with his professionalism.

College Match GroupCharter Customer

A big thumbs up for Peter Pan's driver, Mary (NYC/DC). Mary is not only an excellent driver, but she is very professional, friendly, and she gave a nice, thorough announcement when we departed Port Authority. I will definitely keep her on my schedule of drivers I want to travel with. Thank you, Mary! 🙂

NYC-DC Traveler

You know you're appreciated when a Peter Pan customer service representative tells you, "You're part of the Peter Pan family now!" Sonjeana in D.C. greets me with a big smile, she is so friendly and has the patience of a saint. She is a valued employee. Any employer would do cartwheels to have her as part of their team.

Washington, D.C. Traveler

Mohamed in the Customer Service department went above and beyond to resolve a critical problem for me. I am sincerely thankful for his great customer service. He was incredibly patient and resourceful.

Peter Pan Traveler

EXCELLENT! ON SCHEDULE!! Amazingly clean bus, very clean bathroom, the wifi actually works! - and without CONSTANT advertising interruptions. There are seatbelts for every seat! And so far every employee has been courteous and helpful.

Peter Pan Traveler

Our driver, Kenny, did an exceptional job. He made all of his announcements, was extremely professional, friendly, and punctual. The bus was very clean, a comfortable temperature, and I really enjoyed my trip with him at the wheel.

Silver Spring, MD to NYC Traveler

My driver out of the Providence terminal provided great service; attention to detail and patient repeat of instructions; using humor and a friendly tone really minimized the stress that is often connected to travel. His approach was much appreciated by this traveler.

Providence Traveler

I would like to comment on the exceptional service I received from driver, Taj. He was very courteous, respectful, kind and attentive. At the end of the trip, a few other passengers also complimented the driver for his safe and timely driving. Thank you Peter Pan for taking the time to select drivers with great character and driving skills.

NYC to Hartford Traveler

Peter Pan bus station staff in Philadelphia are doing an excellent job!

Philadelphia Traveler

The Latest News From Us

Here Are Just A Few Things Happening Around Here

August 15, 2018

Steamship Authority Ticket Sale Update

Effective August 16, 2018 Peter Pan charts a new course for bus ticket sales for Steamship Authority passengers Woods Hole, MA – There is smooth sailing ahead for travelers who take a Peter Pan bus to or from Steamship Authority at Woods Hole. Peter Pan Bus Lines will make changes to the way tickets are sold so that everyone who has…
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August 6, 2018

Travel to Boston & NYC as Low as $8

Book your ticket today for the lowest fare of the summer! Boston to NYC as low as $17, NYC to Philadelphia as low as $8, Philadelphia to Hartford as low as $16. Staying home this summer isn’t an option for those who travel by bus. Peter Pan Bus Lines has just announced the lowest fares of the entire season every…
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July 21, 2018

Summer Savings to Boston, NYC, Philly & more!

Travel on Tuesdays & Wednesdays for the LOWEST prices of the summer! CLICK HERE to purchase your ticket now! Hurry LOW fares won't last long! Baltimore to Washington D.C.          $5 Hartford to Springfield                       $6 NYC to Philadelphia                            $8 Hartford to NYC   …
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