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Peter Pan Bus Lines is one of the largest privately-owned motorcoach companies in the USA, serving over 100 communities in the Northeast corridor of the United States. We offer daily express service in major metro areas such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

Tickets can be purchased at Peter Pan agencies, and here online.

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Peter Pan Bus Lines – A Legacy in Transportation Excellence

From the Start

Named after his children’s favorite bedtime story, Peter Picknelly started a legend of his own, still owned and run by family, three generations later.

To Today

Peter Pan Bus Lines is one of the largest privately owned motorcoach companies in the USA, and serves over one hundred communities daily.

Millions and Millions of Miles – Accident-Free!

Our Commitment to Safety is Our Driving Concern

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Our new travel planning website and customized dashboard helos you find and remember the information that is most important for you to be able to make all of your travel plans in ease and clarity.

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Why Our Customers Love Us

The bus line has a code of conduct for passengers that kept the ride pleasant and the bus drivers in control of making the ride better for all passengers. For example, passengers were asked to speak quietly on their cell phones so as not to disturb others and the drivers gently reminded passengers of the code of conduct on Peter Pan buses. Thank you for taking us to NYC.

Hartford to NYC Traveler

The bus driver, Todd, was so pleasant and entertaining he lifted my spirits. From the applause he received I gather others on the bus felt the same. From the moment I stood in line and heard him greet each passenger with cheery words and a helpful attitude, to the melodic explanation of the Peter Pan rules; he was delightful. For that reason, I had to let you know that in Todd you have an exemplary employee.

New York City to Woods Hole Passenger

This was my first time taking a bus for travel. I was not aware that I had to remove my luggage and carry it onto the next bus during transfer. When I arrived at my final destination in Hartford CT, I did not have any of my luggage. Mr. Mathews went above and beyond and reassured me during this difficult moment. He told me he would bring back my luggage the very next day and to meet him at the Hartford station at 3:30. He most certainly kept his promise and I retrieved my luggage the very next day. Mr. Warrens customer service was beyond exceptional. I will definitely travel via Peter Pan again!

Hartford Traveler

Can't find a better DC to NYC bus and the price is nice too. No complaints overall. Traveled with about a half dozen drivers over the past few months and I've been impressed!

Washington DC to New York City Traveler

I am regular on the 5:00PM bus from Philly to New York. The driver does an excellent job with both boarding and driving. Even when traffic is heavy, he concentrates on the road perfectly. He exhibits the most concern for the passenger’s safety. Now, I make a point to ride with Peter Pan Bus Lines, so I can travel on his bus. He is the most professional driver that I have ever met.

Philadelphia to NYC Traveler

I am writing to ler you know how important Cassidy is to your organization. She has been instrumental in handling my senior trips throughout the year. Cassidy makes my transactions a seamless and pain free process. She is professional, courteous, and saavy in handling customers. Cassidy’s commitment has kept me a loyal customer, and I will continue to be a loyal fan and traveler of the company.

Peter Pan Traveler

Each time I called for help on an issue, each person I talked to was kind, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, patient with me and made my experience a great one! Each time I hung up the phone I felt happy, relieved that my issue was taken care of, & ready to go about my day in a more positive way. I hope Peter Pan knows what a great team they have in their customer care agents as they are doing a GREAT JOB taking care of their customers. Their kindness and competence makes a difference.

Peter Pan Traveler

Our morning ride was scheduled from Baltimore to NY at 7am, we arrived in NY 15 min early. 8PM ride back to Baltimore left at 8PM and we arrived 20 min early. Both drivers were friendly, both buses were clean both buses had adequate temperatures and neither were filled to capacity

Baltmore-NYC Express Traveler

Bill was absolutely magnificent when I called and needed help. He went above and beyond to help get me the information I needed. He truly delivered exceptional customer service!

Line Run Traveler

Emily was helpful and extremely patient with me. She was very professional and courteous as I thought through my situation. I will happily reach out to Customer Service in the future for assistance because of her!

Peter Pan Traveler

One of the better bus lines I have tried when traveling from DC to NYC. Peter Pan has always been on time for me. The drivers are friendly and the buses are pretty clean. Way better than the other companies that travel this route. They sometimes accommodate early departures with a ticket for a later bus if there is room!

Washington D.C. New York City Traveler

14. I used Peter pan during the thanks giving holiday and I was satisfied and super Impressed. I was traveling with my 4 year old granddaughter. We missed our bus by a minute literally our bus was pulling out when we arrived at the door and the driver whose name happen to be Peter as well as the staff did everything to accommodate us by putting us on the next bus to New York and they even called NY and delayed our connection 7 minutes so me and my granddaughter could ride and get back at the regular time. I'm done with the other guys. I will rock Peter Pan bus from now on. Thank you so much Peter Pan!

New York Traveler

Operator Victoria said she had some tricks up her sleeves with regard to the traffic they were experiencing. Boy did she ever! Her knowledge of the roads and creativity in using her knowledge inventive always in the safest manner. Congratulate her again from a native, experienced NY driver – it’s a thrill to see a “pro” in action.

New York City Traveler

I had the fortune of using your traveling service where I bought a ticket online obtaining the wrong time of departure. I ended up in Springfield MA where, DIANE, the ticket counter attendant, proceeded efficiently, pleasantly and helpfully, to assist me and straighten my stressful situation, placing me in the bus which I needed, resolving the conflict successfully and satisfactorily!!! DIANE is a gold star which shines in a world of services providers as one of the best proficient, professional and productive provider! Kudos to her Thank you

Springfield Traveler

19. We took the trip from NYC to Philadelphia and a few days later from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. in October as part from our first visit to the USA. I have to say that both trips were exact as scheduled, the bus was comfortable and the drivers very friendly. We had no problems with luggage, just put them in the compartment under and take them when you leave. Booking tickets was easy, the price fair. We will recommend Peter Pan Bus Lines to anyone. The system of public transport is different in the states, compared to Europe. So we had a little trouble finding out how to get from A to B but the staff of Peter Pan helped us patiently. We will not hesitate to book again when needed.

Peter Pan Traveler

Inexpensive, bus left and arrived on schedule, clean facilities. We did not experience any inconveniences, and we were even allowed to take an earlier bus when we arrived before our scheduled departure. No complaints!

Boston - New York Traveler

Took the NYC Express out of south station and didn't have any issues. The interior was pretty nice and all seats had outlets. There was no traffic so we were on time. The driver was humorous and seemed friendly. I think the legroom was definitely decent and there was closed overhead storage compartments. Would totally do it again!

Boston-New York Express Traveler

At the beginning of our trip, our bus driver delivered our rules. The message was loud and clear- this is a shared space, not your living room, and it is expected that you respect that and your fellow passengers. She did say 'we do have babies on the bus and well, they can do whatever they want'. I thought that was priceless. After our driver set the tone, I had the most relaxed 4 hr. ride to Boston! Thank you driver of my 10am NYC to BOS – Lois. The 4hr blissfully quiet ride was a gift- for many reasons!

Boston-NYC Express Traveler

I want to thank the people at the providence bus station. My bag was put on the bus to NYC and I was going to Boston. My fault!! They cased the bus and the bus driver waited. They were wonderful. I left today at 1:30. Please thank them for their service!!!

Providence Traveler

I just spoke with Jaelyn in Customer Service, she was very kind and professional. She told me everything I needed to change my ticket and more.

NYC Traveler

Everyone at Peter Pan was extremely helpful and went above and beyond. Would I recommend them? -without a doubt!!

Peter Pan Traveler

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February 7, 2020

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LEAP into SAVINGS! Save 20% off on travel 2/19- 2/29/20. Use code LEAP20 at checkout. Offer valid on NEW purchases online at peterpanbus.com or on the NEW Peter Pan Bus Lines APP. Download our NEW APP & make purchasing tickets on the go easier than EVER peterpanbus.com/app  
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November 27, 2019

Thanksgiving Travel

  Peter Pan adds 450+ buses for Thanksgiving week“Our #1 priority is getting passengers safely to their families and friends” Springfield, MA – Peter Pan Bus Lines has added a second helping of buses to its existing EXPRESS service throughout the northeast and beyond during Thanksgiving week. That includes expanded bus service to Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Providence, Baltimore, Hartford, Washington…
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August 13, 2019

Peter Pan celebrates 80 years of rolling together with Firestone tires

Peter Pan celebrates 80 years of rolling together with Firestone tires (August 11,2019) SPRINGFIELD, MA – In 1939, just six years after Peter C. Picknelly started the legendary Peter Pan Bus Lines in 1933, he reached an agreement with the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company to lease Firestone tires for a period of one year. That was the beginning of…
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