Commuter Fares

Commuter Information:

Save on the cost of gas, tolls and parking when you take the bus!  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride or take advantage of our free WiFi and catch up on emails, work presentations, daily news and more!

Please Note:

Peter Pan offers commuter tickets on select routes, sold at a discounted fare. CLICK HERE to see a full list of service locations.

  • Commuter tickets are only available for purchase at Peter Pan counters during business hours and are not available online.
  • Commuter tickets are valid for the dates stated within the ticket booklet.
  • Individual tickets should not be removed from the booklet and cannot be used by multiple customers. Drivers will remove the daily ticket upon entry.
  • Commuter tickets are non-refundable and are not able to be extended, re-issued or replaced (if lost, stolen or damaged)


CT DOT Commuter Schedule Information

Willimantic/Coventry 918: CLICK HERE 

Hartford/New Haven 950: CLICK HERE 


For additional schedules and locations that we offer commuter service CLICK HERE.

* Schedules listed below are a FEW of our most popular commuter schedules.

Need More Info or Help?

We hope this page has been helpful, however if there is still more than you need to know please visit the Information Center or Customer Service, or call us at (800) 343-9999.