Download and Print Complete Timetables

Download the Latest Version of Our System Timetables Booklet Here.

Schedules are updated frequently so be sure to check back often to make sure you are using the most current timetable to plan your travel. Thank you!

CT DOT Commuter Schedule Information

To Print a Particular Schedule from Ticketing

In addition to our regularly scheduled service listed in the PDF, we consistently offer additional schedules not shown in the timetable. For full schedule listings, please visit our “Buy Tickets” tool. Please note, schedules and the days services operate are subject to change, especially during holiday and peak periods.

Print your desired schedule by looking up your trip using the “Buy Tickets” widget. Simply enter your intended origin, destination, date of travel and number of passengers.

You can view and print schedules for the route/day selected.

If you wish to view specific details of a schedule, click “View Schedule Stops”:

Then click the “Print” icon to print the schedule details: