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Peter Frangomihalos Celebrated for Milestone Achievement at Peter Pan Bus Lines

Peter Pan Bus Lines is proud to announce the induction of Peter Frangomihalos into the esteemed Two Million Mile Hall of Fame. The recognition came during the prestigious S.T.A.R. Awards on April 9, 2024, a program designed to honor exemplary commitment to safety and service. The event, held in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, is one of two annual ceremonies that ensure all team members can share in celebrating these significant achievements.

Peter Frangomihalos

Peter Frangomihalos – 2 Million Miles Accident Free!

Starting with Peter Pan in 1995, Peter Frangomihalos has exemplified top-tier professionalism and dedication, completing two million miles of driving without an incident, akin to circling the globe 80 times over. His unwavering commitment not only showcases his skill as a driver but also cements his role as a crucial advocate for transportation safety within the community.