Contacting Customer Care

Our Information & Customer Care Center:

Our team is available to provide travel information, assist with ticket purchases, and customer service.

Please open a customer support request by submitting a request online.



If you have disability, we’ll do everything we can to help you have a comfortable journey when you ride with Peter Pan. While some disabilities and needs may be obvious to our employees, others are not, and you may be served by several different representatives of PPBL along the way. It is essential that you ask for assistance at each location where you need help, including each driver if you have different drivers for multiple legs of your trip.

If you are having trouble purchasing tickets electronically due to a disability, one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you by phone at (413)-523-7100. You may also email PPBL if you are having problems due to your disability at

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Reporting Concerns About Service

If you have a specific concern about the service you received, or have a ticket related question/concern, you may share the concern with our Customer Care Team for assistance. Please have your ticket confirmation number, passenger name(s) and itinerary, contact details and full details of the concern available.

Peter Pan is not responsible for any inconvenience or expenses incurred resulting from travel delays, mechanical issues, schedule changes, service changes or cancellations.

Peter Pan partners with several bus carriers on many popular routes in the greater Northeast. These partnerships allow us to share select routes and ticketing, which provides extensive travel and low-cost ticketing options for customers.

Regardless of where the ticket was purchased or which carrier sold the ticket, if you traveled with another bus carrier, any concerns should be shared directly with the carrier who provided the service so the carrier can properly investigate and resolve the concern.