The Travel Experience



Peter Pan Bus Line tickets are non-refundable, limited as endorsed and are non-transferable by passengers or among passengers. The unauthorized resale of tickets is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted. No reservations are accepted unless expressly stated otherwise. Tickets are valid ONLY for the scheduled date and time for which the ticket has been purchased. Peter Pan Bus Line’s is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

Fares are valid ONLY for the scheduled date and time selected. Discount fares are subject to date, time and schedule restrictions. Fares may be subject to additional charges including taxes, fees and carrier price differences. For non-refundable and advance purchase tickets, departure dates and times may be changed as far in advance of the departure date as possible for a fee plus the cost difference of the new ticket if applicable. Passengers may reschedule travel dates with the Peter Pan Bus App or online at    Tickets not exchanged prior to the schedule departure time(s) are not eligible for re-issue.  A new ticket for the newly intended travel date/time will need to be purchased. Fares are subject to change. Peak and holiday travel blackouts may apply. Fares are payable in U.S. dollars only unless stated otherwise. The original ticket will remain non-refundable. The difference in cost of the ticket and our standard reissue fee will apply! Please refer to our website for details.

At Your Departure Location

We suggest arriving at your departure location at least thirty (30) minutes prior to departure. This will allow you time to purchase your ticket, tag your baggage, locate the departure gate, and secure your place in queue at the departure gate.

During peak travel periods and holidays please anticipate terminals and coaches will be busier than normal and we suggest arriving between forty five (45) minutes prior to departure.

If you require travel information or assistance with a ticket, many terminals are staffed extended hours for your convenience.

The Boarding Process

Boarding begins fifteen (15) minutes prior to departure. Seating once on the bus is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

In order to assist in expediting the boarding process and insure your space on the bus is reserved for you, we strongly advise passengers to be at the departure gate at least 15 minutes prior to the schedule departure time.

Upon boarding, a printed ticket is not required! Customers can present either their ticket (including the bar code and/or QR code) on an electronic device!
If customers prefer, we still accept printed tickets. Please have your valid photo ID out and ready to show our driver if asked.

Customers who purchased tickets at terminals/agencies will still receive a paper ticket to give to our driver.

During Your Journey

Once on board, please select your seat and store your baggage either in the overhead luggage compartment or safety under the seat in front of yours.

All seats are available for use, however please be considerate of senior citizens and individuals with a disability by allowing them to sit in the priority areas of the coach if asked by the customer or company employee.

If your coach is equipped with seat belts, we recommend fastening your seat belt while the bus is in motion.

For your safety and the safety of those around you, passengers should remain seated while the bus is in motion.

For everyone’s safety and comfort, we ask that customers please follow certain restrictions on board:

If engaging in conversation, either on the phone or with other passengers on board, we ask you be respectful of other passengers on the coach (and the driver) and keep conversations to a minimum and speak in soft level. Please use headphones at a reasonable volume level if listening to music, watching media etc…

Photography, video or audio recording of Peter Pan personnel, equipment or procedures is strictly prohibited. Audio, video and camera equipment should be stored with other carry-on items when not in use.

All Peter Pan buses are equipped with Wi-Fi, power outlets, climate controlled air conditioning and heat, an on board restroom (towards the rear of the coach), reclining seats with headrests and tinted windows. Please note we reserve the right to supplement equipment which may or not have the featured amenities.

Connect to Wi-Fi by clicking on the “Peter Pan Free WiFi“ icon on your device. Due to limited service in some locations en route Wi-Fi connectivity and speed may vary.

We are not able to extend connection times or allow for stop-over’s en route. If you wish to spend a longer period of time in the connection city or intermediate point en route, we advise customers to purchase separate one way tickets to and from each of the locations. Ticket receipts, or copies of tickets, are not able to be used in place of a ticket for continuing with your trip.

For safety and security purposes, we are not able to make unscheduled stops or drop-offs en route.

On Board Consumption of Food and Drink

Please make every effort to limit consumption of food to snack type foods. Should you choose something other than a snack food, please be sure that the item is neither messy nor has an offensive odor. Food items must be wrapped or in a container in order to prevent spilling or leaking.

Only beverages in covered containers are allowed on board. This includes:

  • Coffee and other drinks with lids
  • Bottles of water, soda, juice, etc. with caps
  • Beverages, including soft drinks in pop-top cans
  • Take-out drinks in paper or Styrofoam cups with lids

*Per federal law: we prohibit smoking of any kind, the use of tobacco products, drugs, alcohol on the bus. This includes the use of electronic simulated smoking materials, e cigarettes, vapes, marijuana, and smokeless cigarettes. Passengers are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages or drugs of any nature on board the bus.*

All cups, cans, wrappers, bags and bottles associated with beverages and/or snack must be properly disposed of by the patron in one of the trash bins at the front or rear of the coach. Thank you for your corporation.


Peter Pan Bus Lines does not restrict customers from bringing peanuts or other foods for which many people have severe allergies. We ask customers to be sensitive to other customers when choosing foods to bring on board.

At Your Destination

Upon arrival to your destination, the driver will make an arrival announcement to inform customers of the approaching stop.

For your safety and for the safety of customers around you, please remain seated until the coach has stopped fully at the arrival gate or service location.

Take an extra minute to ensure you look in and around you seat to ensure you have all your personal belongings.

Use caution when opening the overhead luggage compartments and retrieving your bags as some of the contents may have shifted during transit.

Ensure to collect any baggage you stored in the luggage compartment under the bus.

If making a connection you can ask the driver or ticket agent for information regarding your connection time and departure gate.

Traveling with Pets

  • Peter Pan Bus Lines will allow passengers to bring with them a small dog or a cat (no other pets allowed) on board all their motor coaches.
  • Pet owners must provide a pet carrier.  The combined weight of the pet and the carrier may not exceed 25 pounds.
  • The carrier may be hard or soft sided but must be leak proof and well ventilated. The maximum size for the pet carriers is 19” long x 14” wide x 10.5 high.
  • The pet carrier must allow the pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down in a natural position while inside the pet carrier.
  • Pets must remain completely in the carrier throughout the duration of the trip. The pet carrier must be placed under the seat.
  • The pet must be at least eight weeks old and must be under your control at all times.
  • The pet must be odorless, harmless, not disruptive/aggressive, and require no attention during travel.
  • Peter Pan Bus Lines reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any pet and may remove any pet exhibiting behavior that violates our policy
  • A pet carrier will count as one piece of carry-on baggage.

Peter Pan Bus lines reserves the right to change and/or modify the schedule of a passenger(s) travelling with a pet in the event that any passenger and/or driver has allergic symptoms that could impair their health or effect the operator’s ability to safely operate the motor coach.

Need More Info or Help?

We hope this page has been helpful, however if there is still more that you need to know please visit the Information Center or Customer Service.