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The Country’s First Four Million Mile Driver Honored at Peter Pan Bus Lines “S.T.A.R.” Awards

March 17, 2017- (Springfield, MA) Peter Pan Bus Lines honors the country’s first Four Million Mile Driver, Ed Hope of Enfield, CT, on March 22, 2017 at the company’s annual S.T.A.R. (Super Team Achievement & Recognition) Awards Dinner at the Sheraton Springfield Hotel. Ed Hope will be inducted into the National Safety Council Hall of Fame as the first ever Four Million Mile Driver.

The National Safety Council defines One Million Miles as the equivalent of twelve consecutive years of driving without an accident of any kind; or as paraphrased by Chairman and CEO, Peter Picknelly, “4.2 trips to the moon, and 40 times around the earth”……quite an impressive achievement!

This is a significant milestone in a professional motorcoach operator’s career. Peter Pan Bus Lines is proud to have more one and two million mile drivers than any other transportation company of its size. In addition, we are the first bus company in the world to employ drivers who have driven three million, and now four million, miles without an accident.

Peter Pan Bus Lines invites you to travel with us and experience the difference of traveling with the safest drivers on the road today and have the opportunity to meet our one, two, three and four million mile drivers.

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