Memorial Day Travel Advisory: Buses will depart as scheduled over the Memorial Day holiday. Please be advised that schedules are subject to change and delays are anticipated due to traffic. Full details here.


@PeterPanBus have u guys upgraded ur bus fleet recently? Really digging the increased leg room.


Never thought you'd see me on a Peter Pan bus, eh? I'm riding to Tufts in style!

Matthew K.

Your courteous drivers greet me with a good morning or afternoon and thank me for riding. I thought it was important to thank your company.

Lorraine B.

@PeterPanBus without a doubt. I use you guys for all my regional travel. Never been disappointed.

Conner E.

Thank you for the exceptional personal service that BU Athletics receives.

Julie Malzone

"WiFi on the bus. I'm a fan of you Peter Pan Bus Lines."


"@TonyBrownMusic The @PeterPanBus bus drivers are some of the best around"


"Peter Pan wins favorite bus of the year"


"You know it's real when you automatically connect to the wifi on the Peter Pan bus."


"Just got upgraded to that Express Peter Pan bus. You know I'm happy as hell right now. LMAO"