Thursday, Sept. 18: Due to road closures in Amherst Center, MA customers should plan to travel from either Amherst UMass or Northampton, MA if traveling between 3:00pm and 10:00pm. Please confirm departure times from “Amherst UMass” or “Northampton” online or call us at 800-343-9999 for assistance.

I would like to thank this Peter Pan bus for having outlets and wifi.


Driver Mary was very helpful during my trip from Boston Logan Airport to NY. She assisted me with my luggage and brought me to the information booth. Thank you for going the extra mile.


I am a frequent bus rider. Your driver Arthur provided professional and safe service during our trip from Storrs, CT to NY. He certainly made our riding experience a very positive and happy one. Well done driver Arthur and Peter Pan.


I can't believe the pre-drive speech I just heard. Talk about a dude who loves his job. Driver Todd deserves a medal. Epic enthusiasm.


Thank you for sending us a great bus and driver. Roger was terrific. He was helpful and such a good driver in the worst kind of weather you can imagine.

Bob & Connie

Got the express Peter Pan bus straight to Boston instead of a stop #bigwin


Peter Pan bus line has more legroom than most airplanes I’ve flown in.


My experience with Peter Pan is it’s affordable & gets you where you need to go. When I travel up north and don’t want to worry about car rentals then this is the way to do it. You simply can’t beat it.


That is great to know about the new Locate My Bus tool-- we had definitely been hoping for this, thanks!


Peter Pan stepped it up. I’m on the bus and loving the free Wi-Fi and electric plugs.