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If you’re feeling a little sour, the perfect solution is to find something sweet! Luckily, there are hundreds of great places to score desserts throughout the city, from full-service restaurants to local spots where treats are the only item on the menu. Whether you’re wrapping up a long day of sightseeing, looking for a sweet spot to top off date night or you just hopped off the bus from another big city there’s plenty of options to choose from.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we polled some locals and found the top 3 recommendations for satisfying your sweet tooth in Washington D.C.

1. Dangerously Delicious Pies

apple pie in washington dc

American Apple Pie is just the beginning of the sweet and savory treats available at this location. Individual slices are available, as are whole pies which are fun to share. Its proximity to the H Street nightclubs makes it a good spot to visit before or after other festivities.

Location: 1339 H. Street, near Linden Court and 14th Street.

Most famous dessert:  Baltimore Bomb Pie

Reviews: “I haven’t had a savory or sweet slice that I didn’t devour and the date night special is a perfect way to sample the whole menu.”

Distance to public transit: 2 blocks to Metro


2. Thomas Sweet

With an invitation to “Find Your Happy Place,” this elegant ice cream shop beckons with cool treats on hot days, hot fudge sundaes on cooler days or paninis any time.  Founded in 1979, it has attracted thousands of visitors—even President Obama!

Location: 3214 P Street NW, between 32nd St and Wisconsin Avenue (Georgetown)

Most famous dessert: Blend-in Ice Cream

Reviews: “My Coffee Oreo and bittersweet chocolate cone might be the best thing I’ve eaten this summer.”

Distance to public transit: Along Wisconsin Avenue



3. The Satellite Room

fun milkshakes for adults in washington dc

This unique bar serves “adult milkshakes,” containing alcohol and various spirits, which makes it a great stop on a pub crawl or a dessert expedition. Diners can enjoy pizza, tots or craft cocktails throughout the evening, plus retro video games.

Location: 2047 9th Street NW.  (Near the African American Civil War Museum)

Most famous dessert: Count Creamy (Bailey’s, vanilla ice cream, Count Chocula)

Reviews: “Come for the cheap happy hour deals and stay for the tots. Never overly crowded, great atmosphere and boozy milkshakes all night long: What more could want from a DC bar?”

Distance to public transit:
1 block to Metro 

BOSTON for as low as $31, BALTIMORE for as low as $27,
PHILADELPHIA for as low as $9, NYC for as low as $7,
WASHINGTON D.C. for as low as $27 & MORE!