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Peter Pan Bus Lines carried more than three million
passengers and traveled more than 14 million miles in 2018. It couldn’t have
been possible without Peter Pan’s team of dedicated, professional drivers. The
National Safety Council (NSC) has recognized Peter Pan Bus Lines for safe
driving achievements, and the honors go to the drivers.

On March 26, Peter Pan’s finest drivers were honored
with 2019 Safety Awards from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at The Student Prince and
The Fort Restaurant, 8 Fort Street. The theme for the evening is THINK

(Two) Two Million Mile Driver Awards: 24 years of safe driving, no
accidents. “80 times around the earth, 9 trips to the moon”

Springfield, MA – Wayne Miles
Providence, RI – Mike Drozd

(Thirteen) One Million Mile Driver Awards: 12 years of safe driving, no
accidents. “40 times around the earth, 4.5 trips to the moon”

Springfield MA – Karol Birdsall, Vladimir Burnusuz, Donnie Woodberry
Providence, RI – Arthur Riley, Albert Robinson, Adelino Tavares
Rocky Hill, CT – Ken Walker
Chelsea, MA – Materson Victor
Boston, MA – Yi Fan Chen, Shiller Fils-Aime, Carlton Swinton

175 drivers will be recognized for completing 2018
with no accidents.

Drivers, operations and
maintenance departments were also honored for outstanding customer service and performance.

The presenting sponsor for the event is Motor Coach Industries (MCI), along with
8 Visuals; Bridgestone/Firestone; Eyeride; First American Insurance; Meyers
Brothers Kalicka; Atlantic Detroit Diesel; Bergen Auto Upholstery; Doherty,
Wallace, Pillsbury & Murphy; Sprague; Saucon; and Tumino’s Towing.