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Peter Pan Bus Lines is sowing some seeds of change this
spring for travelers in your area.

Beginning on May 10, our largest spring
expansion ever will include NON-STOP or EXPRESS service to popular
destinations with introductory fares as low as they can go.

Philadelphia- Baltimore: NON-STOP FARES as low as $9
Baltimore to Philadelphia: NON-STOP FARES as low as $9
Philadelphia-Washington: EXPRESS FARES as low as $15
Washington DC to Philadelphia: EXPRESS FARES as low as $15
(Return service is also available for the same price)

There’s a whole new season of travel ahead, and this news will go far with
travelers in your city who are planning to get away.

These fares are available online only at

Early birds who don’t want to wait can
order their tickets now for travel beginning on May 10.
Peter Pan takes pride in offering a quality travel experience.

Better.Quicker. Cheaper…and on time!