Somerset, MA

Location Type: Bus Stop

Location Address: Mass Highway Park & Ride Lot, Route 103, Somerset, Ma 02725

Service Note:
Exit 4 off I-195. Mass Highway Park & Ride Lot, Route 103

Park and Ride lot is located off of Wilbur Avenue in Somerset, Ma.

Peter Pan Ticket Counter is currently closed.

To purchase tickets log on to or download our NEW Mobil APP in the APP Store or in the Google Play Store.
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Contact Free Boarding: Show the driver your boarding pass from your mobile device or walk up to the bus and simply tell the driver your name.

Parking available onsite?: Yes (No overnight parking)
Parking rate: Free

Need More Info or Help?

For additional information, please visit Peter Pan Customer Support or open an online customer support ticket.

Please note, bus station and stop information is subject to change without notice.
Please confirm information prior to your departure. Tickets are non-refundable.