Boston – Logan Airport

Location Type: Bus Stop

Location Address: Boston Logan Airport, 1 Harborside Drive, East Boston, MA 02128

Service Note:

Lower Level (Arrivals) – outside Terminals A, B, C and E. Follow the orange and white signs for “Scheduled Bus”.

The door numbers adjacent to the respective Scheduled Bus Stops are as follows:

  • Terminal A- Exit door A105 and the stop is to your right.
  • Terminal B- Exit door B101 the stop will be just outside of the door.
  •  Terminal B- Exit door B115 the stop will be just outside of the door.
  • Terminal C- Exit door C110 will be the farthest door to the right in baggage claim.
  •  Terminal E- Exit door E107 the stop will be right outside the door.

When dropping passengers at Logan Airport, coaches will make every effort to drop-off at the Upper Level (Departures) at Terminals A, B, C and E. The bus will then continue back to the Lower Level (Arrivals), starting at Terminal A, to pick up passengers on the next schedule.

Please signal to the driver to stop when you see the bus approaching.

Ticket Sales:
No ticket agency – Tickets must be purchased in advance online on, on the Peter Pan Bus Mobile App, or by calling our Customer Care Team at 1-800-343-9999. Mobile boarding is available…simply show your ticket to the driver on your cell phone or electronic device.

Peter Pan drivers will no longer accept cash fares out of Logan Airport.

Parking available onsite?: Yes (Overnight parking available)
Parking rate: Paid
More parking information is available here.
*Parking fee rates are not available as lots are not managed by Peter Pan and rates are subject to change without notice.

Important Travel Information:
Allow ample travel time to the airport. Please check with your airline for the required time frame necessary for check-in. We suggest taking a bus schedule which would allow at least two hours from when the bus arrives at the airport to when the flight departs, providing ample travel time in the event of delays to or at the airport.

Finding your bus at Logan Airport:
All the coaches picking up at the airport will either have a destination sign of “Providence”, “Woods Hole”, “Hyannis”, “Springfield” or “Hartford”. Depending on your final destination, the city you are traveling to may not be displayed on the destination sign. Passengers traveling to locations other than Providence and Cape Cod may need to transfer buses at the Boston South Station – please see the driver for assistance with locating your bus.

For more information Boston Logan Airport, including an airport terminal map, please click here.

Maps may not be exact for all bus terminals and stops; please use the bus stop information listed for exact bus stop location.

Need More Info or Help?

For additional information, please visit Peter Pan Customer Support or call us at (800) 343-9999.

Please note, bus station and stop information is subject to change without notice.
Please confirm information prior to your departure.