Peter Pan Bus
Highest Safety Rating

Our Enduring Commitment to Safety

At Peter Pan Bus Lines, we’re proud to consistently achieve the Highest Safety Ratings from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Defense. What’s more, we’ve also been awarded the highest possible safety rating from the Transportation Safety Exchange, an achievement which allows us to transport the teams of the NCAA.

Our exceptional safety record is thanks in part to our dedicated, professional drivers.

Peter Pan coaches travel over 25 million miles a year: The equivalent of nearly 100 trips to the moon… or one of our buses going around the world three times every day! Every day and every trip, our drivers put safety first!

Our Accident-Free 4 Million Mile Drivers

Ed Hope and Everett Anderson are the United States only two motorcoach operators in the United States to achieve Four Million Miles Accident Free. This is 48 years of safe driving – equivalent to 160 times around the earth or 16.8 trips to the moon! We are honored to have them apart of our Peter Pan legacy.

Motorcoach Operator

Edward "Ed" Hope

Edward “Eddie” Hope began his career as an intercity bus driver for Continental Trailways, primarily along the New York-Boston corridor, for the better part of 18 years. Upon Peter Pan’s acquisition of Trailways New England in 1986, Ed joined our company, and according to National Transportation Safety Board regulations, he was able to transfer his accident-free years and mileage records to Peter Pan, where he has continued to excel.

In addition to his achieving two, three and four million miles of safe driving Ed has also been the recipient of The Peter C. Picknelly Founder’s Award, our company’s highest honor, The Mrs. Picknelly, Sr. Award – Driver of the Year for the Springfield Division of Peter Pan, and has received letters and accolades from many satisfied customers over the years.

Ed is a fine example of true dedication to his family, his company and his profession.

Motorcoach Operator

Everett "Andy" Anderson

Everett “Andy” Anderson: Everett Anderson began driving for Peter Pan in 1970 and achieved 4 Million Mile status in 2022. During his tenure with our company, he has received its highest honors, the Peter C. Picknelly Founder’s Award for excellence and the Mrs. Picknelly, Sr. Award – Driver of the Year. Everett Anderson is one of Peter Pan’s most requested charter and VIP Charter drivers, and has also received absolutely every award the company gives to our drivers.

A quiet and dignified gentleman, husband, father and grandfather, Andy is the epitome of what a true professional driver should be – polite, neat and a customer-driven individual, whose main concern is the safety and comfort of all his passengers.

Andy represents Peter Pan's high standards of excellence.

Our Accident-Free 3 Million Mile Drivers

According to standard set by the National Safety Council – these drivers have achieved 36 years of safe driving without accident – this is equivalent to 120 times around the earth of 12.6 trips to the MOON! 

Motorcoach Operator

Joe Anderson

Joe began his Peter Pan career as a driver in 1974, achieving 2 Million Miles in 1998, and currently has 35 years accident-free. Joe is the brother of Everett “Andy” Anderson, one of our 4 Million Mile Drivers. Safety apparently runs in the family.

The Andersons are the ONLY brothers who have achieved Three Million Mile status nationwide. Three million miles translates to at least 36 consecutive years of driving without an accident! Joe retired from Peter Pan Bus Lines in 2017

Motorcoach Operator

Alfred Protano

Alfred Protano started his career in 1968 as cleaner in the Maintenance Department for Shortline Bus Company (which changed the name to Bonanza Bus Lines) 2 years later he decided to become a Motor Coach Operator and that’s been his love ever since.

He remembers the first bus he drove between Fall River MA and Newport RI which was a 1942 GMC.

For the 44 years on the on road he has received countless letters of accommodations from a safe driver, to very well dressed to great customer service skills.

Currently retired, he resides in North Providence RI with his wife Ceasarama and they have four children and 3 great grandchildren.

Motorcoach Operator

Robert "Bob" Guistimbelli

Robert “Bob” Guistimbelli (Retired) is one of only a handful of motorcoach or commercial truck drivers nationwide to achieve three million miles and over 36 years of accident-free driving. He was the third Peter Pan motorcoach operator to reach this impressive milestone.

A veteran of the U.S. Army in the 1960s, Bob was approached by the late Peter L. Picknelly before he left for the service. Mr. Picknelly told him to come back and see him if he ever wanted a job after his tour of duty was through. Bob did exactly that, joining Peter Pan in 1966 after an honorable discharge from the military. And for the next 44 years, working for Peter Pan Bus Lines was the only job he ever held!

Bob is a quiet, courteous man, the consummate gentleman and a devoted family man. During his tenure with the company, he was one of Peter Pan’s most popular drivers for tour and charter groups. Along the way, he also received the company’s two highest honors: the Peter C. Picknelly Founder’s Award for excellence and the Mrs Picknelly, Sr. Award – Driver of the Year.

After a highly successful career of more than 44 years, Bob retired from Peter Pan in August of 2011.

Motorcoach Operator

Gary Sardone

Gary joined Peter Pan in 1978. His favorite part of the job is driving to different destinations and seeing various passengers and fellow employees.

His loves driving on routes between the Berkshires, NYC-Pittsfield-Williamstown and Albany-Springfield-Providence - all of the best scenic areas!

When he isn't driving - Gary loves to read books especially James Patterson and Clive Cussler. He is a collector bus models, toys & memorabilia. Gary also has a knack to repair & refinish old furniture!

Motorcoach Operator

Raymond Killeen

Raymond Killeen started with Peter Pan in 1978 and loved taking passengers all over the Providence area until his retirement in 2020. After 42 years behind the wheel - we are honored to have Ray as one of our 3 Million Mile Drivers.

Motorcoach Operator

Paul Boie

Motorcoach Operator

Thomas Reckner

Tom started with the company in 1983 driving primarily between Pittsfield and NYC. In 1986, he made the decision to drive on a route within the Cape Cod area meeting Jane, a nice young lady who was a huge influence in his decision to move to Cape Cod permanently!

In 1989 - Tom & Jane married & now live in East Falmouth. They have two beautiful children, Michelle and Shawn, and now a grandson, Jackson. When Tom isn't working - his favorite thing to do is spend time with Jackson.

His favorite place to drive from is Hyannis to Boston but he loves mixing it up & is always ready for whatever comes his way! He loves interacting with the passengers on his trips to Boston & building relationships with his daily commuters.

When asked about when he plans to retire, Tom says "Why would I retire when I love what I do everyday?".

Our Accident-Free 2 Million Mile Drivers

The National Safety Council defines Two Million Miles as the equivalent of twenty-four consecutive years of driving without an accident of any kind; or as paraphrased by Chairman, Peter Picknelly, “8.4 trips to the moon, and 80 times around the earth…without an accident!”…quite an impressive achievement!

Pasquale Crocco

Andy Woods

Wayne Miles

Anthony Wilson

Wayne Solomon

Michael Casale

James Wesch

Mike Drozd

Phillandor Knight

Richard Kwiecinski

Frederick Majka

Patrick Magner

Dennis Lyons

John Ferreira

Frank Lapomardo

William Johnson

Edward Lewis

Kevin Kerr

Joe Anderson

Anthony Bailey

Donald Fonner

Samuel Cabrera

Raymond Henderson

Richard Benoit

Joseph Mccarthy

William Chandler

Luis Fernandes

Joseph Mcginty

Donald Whitney

William Naylor

Alfred Pellegrini

William Taylor

Lynn Graham

Ray Henrickson

Dave Ferioli

Arthur Aldrich

Roger Chenevert

Richard Yeomans

Leo Bates

David Soars

Dennis Flynn

David Kollish

Our Accident-Free One Million Mile Drivers

Peter Pan Bus Lines has more 1 Million Mile drivers than any other interstate motorcoach operator in the United States.

According to standard set by the National Safety Council – these drivers have achieved 12 years of safe driving without accident. That is equivalent to 40 times around the earth or 4.2 trips to the moon! 

Roger Pouliot

James Russell

George Kennedy

Roger Allen

Walter Skinner

Harold Gilbert

Peter Mileski

Robert Roulier

David Strepka

James Syner

Gerald Albert

Charles Meade

Lewis Burnett

Donald Deshais

Robert Rusk

Nicolas Speliopoulos

Edward Smaha

Alden Rutter

William Kolinchik

Frances Frew

Robert Sears

Philip Mcbride

Paul Lemay

Leo Bates

William Naylor

Robert Rheaume

Luther Pierce

Edward Hubert

Deane Harrington

Michael Ducharme

John Perreault

Richard Gentile

Frederick Perham

David Ferioli

Gerald Millen

Michael Murphy

Lynn Graham

William Goodchild

Walter Harscheid

Gilberto Hernandez

Richard Hannan

Clarence Kennedy

Mark Pearson

Miguel Cluadio

Willie Brown

Frank Lapomardo

Murel Beatty

Mary Davila

Eugene Nwafor

Howard Simon

Jesus Mateo

James Breyare

Bill Fontanella

Jorge Toledo

Charles Bradshaw

Andrew Howard

Conrad Langevin

Stanley Brown

Jimmie Roberts

Michael Ludovici

Kevin Shea

Kenneth Sheelor

George Schneider

Colleen Patrick

Peter Frangomihalos

Thomas Crepeau

Kevin Mulcahy

Darrel Payne

William Blakeborough

Tom Eckert

Robert Black

Roger Greetooah

Dawson Johnson

Thomas Williams

Manny Perez

Richard Guptill

Rudolph Greaves

Donald Scott

Albert Robinson

Karol Birdsall

Adelino Tavares

Bholanath Newaldass

Kenneth Walker

Vladimir Burnsusuz

Jeff Janke

Vladimir Icitovic

Roberto Nieves

Phillip Labranche

Jose Lisboa

Milan Vrankovic

Sydney Reid

Charles Dunton

Frank Petti

Ricky Johnson

Jean Battraville

Cristian Villar

Francis Fowler

Arthur Riley

Donnie Woodberry

Moses Andre

Carlton Swinton

Yifan Chen

Shiller Fils-Aime

Victor Materson

Charlie Myers

Aniece Lembo

Walter Medianero

Anthony Delgado

Rod Dorzin

Joseph Lemos

Frank Napoli

Edward Caouette

Ralph Wheeler

Syed Bukari

Horace Wright

Donald Scott

Frederick Perry

Aziz Chab Chab

Todd Barboza