Peter Pan will have schedule changes on June 22 and 24, 2015. Please click here for details.



  • Boston <> New York City
  • Baltimore <> New York City
  • Philadelphia <> New York City
  • Washington, DC <> New York City
  • Wilmington, DE <> New York City
  • Hartford <> New York City
  • Hartford <> Boston

We know that you’re a VIP customer, so short of the red carpet we treat you like one. Enjoy first class perks such as free Wi-Fi, power outlets, comfy seats and plenty of legroom. There are many advantages to traveling with Peter Pan beyond simply getting to your destination faster.  It’s a whole new way to get where you’re going.

  • Wi-Fi We’ve put a brand-new spin on the idea of the wireless router. Check email. Upload photos. Download content. All from the comfort of your seat. All for free.
  • Electrical Outlets Stay connected while on the GO. No more blinking-battery alerts. No more laptops turning into paperweights halfway to your destination! Now you can always be fully charged, thanks to conveniently located electrical outlets.
  • Express Service Who likes to sit and wait? With Peter Pan Express, you can reach your destination by traveling from point A to point B without any stops in between on most routes, and with only one rest stop on longer routes.
  • LOW Fares Book early and SAVE! Peter Pan offers fares as low as a $7 one-way for those who plan ahead. Getting there has never been easier or cheaper.
  • Reserved Seating On Peter Pan Express your seat is always reserved, so there’s no need to arrive earlier than necessary to make your departure. If you have a ticket, your seat will be waiting.
  • Print at Home Print your ticket at home and go straight to the gate. Now you can skip the ticket counter and lines and print your ticket at your convenience, whether at home or at the office. It’s never been easier. Just purchase, print and go.