Two Million Mile Accident Free Drivers

Meet Our Drivers With Two Million Accident Free Miles

At Peter Pan Bus Lines, we’re proud to consistently achieve the Highest Safety Ratings from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Defense. What’s more, we’ve also been awarded the highest possible safety rating from the Transportation Safety Exchange, an achievement which allows us to transport the teams of the NCAA.

Our exceptional safety record is thanks in part to our dedicated, professional drivers. Meet two who have driven two million accident free miles!



Originally hired as a driver in 1985, Dennis was Peter Pan’s “Rookie of the Year” in 1986. He has received numerous commendations by customers throughout his years of service, not only for his excellent driving skills, but also for his ready smile, courtesy and professional demeanor, providing the highest standards of customer service to all his passengers. Dennis is considered by his peers to be a role model for all incoming drivers to emulate.

Mr. Magner began his career with Pawtuxet Valley Bus Lines in 1980 as a charter driver throughout the continental USA, and has been with the Providence division since June 23, 1985. Pat was asked many years ago by Peter Pan’s late Chairman to consider coming to work for Peter Pan. Magner actually joined the former Bonanza Bus Lines shortly afterwards, due in part to the fact that the Providence facility is only about a 5 minute drive from his home. He now jokes that the Chairman eventually got his wish in 2003, when Peter Pan acquired Bonanza Bus Lines.

Pat is well known in the Providence office, very well liked by all who know him – famous for his terrific sense of humor, he truly enjoys making other people laugh, customers and co-workers alike.


Operator Anthony Bailey was hired as a driver for Peter Pan Bus Lines on July 18, 1986. Throughout his years of service, he has received commendations from customers, not only for his excellent driving skills, but also for his ready smile, calm, courteous and professional demeanor, and providing the highest standards of customer service to all his passengers. A quiet, easy going gentleman, Mr. Bailey is considered by his peers to be a real team player.

As a full time dispatcher with Trailways Bus Lines Joe became a part time driver for Wellsley Fells Bus lines. At the age of 22 he became a full time driver with the Peter Pan Bus Lines, and at the age of 25 he became a full time driver for Bonanza Bus Lines currently a Peter Pan company. Joe’s 2 million safe miles and his experience with just about every route system in New England proves he is truly a professional. He is married to his wife Pat of 22 years and reside in Franklin MA.


John started his employment in 1984 as a Motor Coach Operator and over the years has worked in the Hartford, Providence and Cape Cod divisions. Over the last 15 years he has been very cooperative with the operations department by beginning his day early on very cold winter days and starting all the buses at our Falmouth facility. He has received many customer service care letters from our Customer Service Department in regards to safe driving and great customer service skills. John resides in North Dartmouth MA with his wife of 41 years and they have 2 children.

Donald (Fonzie) Fonner began his career with Peter Pan in 1989 and quickly became an outstanding charter/tour driver. In 1999 he became an instructor, working in the Safety Dept., and is now one of Peter Pan’s senior trainers. His outgoing personality is truly an asset whether he is driving or training. In his off time he enjoys spending time with his family wife Kathy and his two sons Mark and William. He is also quite the outdoorsman. “If you’re looking for Don he’s either hunting or out riding his Harley.”


Sam Cabrera was a driver for seven years with Greyhound Bus Lines before transferring over to the Bonanza division of Peter Pan Bus Lines in 1987. He has received several Customer Care letters acknowledging his driving and customer service skills. Sam enjoys fishing, camping and traveling when not behind the wheel of a coach.

Mr. Chandler has worked for Peter Pan Bus Lines for 28 years. He was born and raised in New Haven, Ct. He began his career working for Peter Pan out of New Haven, CT. In 2010 he began working for Bonanza out of Secaucus, NJ. Mr. Chandler is a senior driver trainer and has been for many years. In his off time he loves to relax watching movies or sporting events. He is a father to three amazing children.


Luis Fernandes was a driver for American Eagle Bus Lines in Fairhaven MA before joining the Bonanza Division of Peter Pan Bus Lines in 1988. He has received many compliments for his safe driving and customer service skills over the many years from our dedicated commuters in Cape Cod. He is often depended on, and praised by new drivers for his route training skills between Cape Cod and Boston. He also is an executive board member for ATU Local 1363 as a driver’s representative.

William Johnson started his transportation career with Connecticut Transit as a driver and dispatcher. In 1986 he joined the Bonanza division of Peter Pan Bus lines. As a veteran, he has operated just about every route in the system, and has received several compliments from our passengers on his driving, and customer service skills.


Mr. Lapomardo has been a member of our team for 27 years. Frank mainly drives the commuter runs as he loves the interaction with our customers. He enjoys gardening on his off time, but his favorite activity is being a father to his 16 year old son.





The National Safety Council defines Two Million Miles as the equivalent of twenty-four consecutive years of driving without an accident of any kind; or as paraphrased by President, Peter Picknelly, “8.4 trips to the moon, and 80 times around the earth…without an accident!”…quite an impressive achievement! (Only about 600 drivers have captured Million Mile status nationwide; and of these, only a fraction have accrued Two Million Miles. )

Peter Pan is also proud to boast that four individuals who have achieved Three Million Miles/36 + years of accident-free driving are all employees of Peter Pan Bus Lines – two of whom are the only brothers to have reached this pinnacle! To see our many one million mile accident free drivers, click here.