Safety and Drivers

Peter Pan coaches travel over 25 million miles a year: The equivalent of nearly 100 trips to the moon… or one of our buses going around the world three times every day!

Every day and every trip, our drivers put safety first! At Peter Pan Bus Lines, we’re proud to consistently achieve the Highest Safety Ratings from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Department of Defense.

What’s more, Peter Pan Bus Lines has been awarded the highest possible safety rating from the Transportation Safety Exchange (TSX). That prestigious recognition means that we are part of a very select group of carriers chosen to transport the teams of the NCAA.

3 Million Mile Accident Free DriversA significant milestone in a professional driver’s career is achieving one million miles without an accident … which takes a minimum of 12 years to accomplish. Peter Pan is proud to have more million mile drivers than any other company its size. In fact, we are the only bus company in the world to employ drivers who have driven three million miles without an accident.

Meet Our 3 Million Mile Accident Free Drivers


Robert “Bob” Guistimbelli (Retired) is one of only a handful of motorcoach or commercial truck drivers nationwide to achieve three million miles and over 36 years of accident-free driving. He was the third Peter Pan motorcoach operator to reach this impressive milestone.

A veteran of the U.S. Army in the 1960s, Bob was approached by the late Peter L. Picknelly before he left for the service. Mr. Picknelly told him to come back and see him if he ever wanted a job after his tour of duty was through. Bob did exactly that, joining Peter Pan in 1966 after an honorable discharge from the military. And for the next 44 years, working for Peter Pan Bus Lines was the only job he ever held!

Bob is a quiet, courteous man, the consummate gentleman and a devoted family man. During his tenure with the company, he was one of Peter Pan’s most popular drivers for tour and charter groups. Along the way, he also received the company’s two highest honors: the Peter C. Picknelly Founder’s Award for excellence and the Mrs Picknelly, Sr. Award – Driver of the Year.

After a highly successful career of more than 44 years, Bob retired from Peter Pan in August of 2011.

Everett “Andy” Anderson: Everett Anderson began driving for Peter Pan in 1970 and achieved 3 Million Mile status in May, 2008. During his tenure with our company, he has received its highest honors, the Peter C. Picknelly Founder’s Award for excellence and the Mrs. Picknelly, Sr. Award – Driver of the Year. Everett Anderson is one of Peter Pan’s most requested charter and VIP Charter drivers, and has also received absolutely every award the company gives to our drivers.

A quiet and dignified gentleman, husband, father and grandfather, Andy is the epitome of what a true professional driver should be – polite, neat and a customer-driven individual, whose main concern is the safety and comfort of all his passengers.

We are very proud of Andy and his exemplary record with our company. He is a wonderful representative of the high standards of excellence all of us at Peter Pan strive to achieve.


Joseph Anderson: Joe began his Peter Pan career as a driver in 1974, achieving 2 Million Miles in 1998, and currently has 35 years accident-free. Joe is the brother of Everett “Andy” Anderson, one of our 3 Million Mile Drivers. Safety apparently runs in the family. His brother Everett is also a 3 Million Mile Driver. The Andersons are believed to be the ONLY brothers who have achieved Three Million Mile status nationwide, and both are still actively employed as motorcoach operators at Peter Pan’s Springfield headquarters. Three million miles translates to at least 36 consecutive years of driving without an accident; or the equivalent of 180 times around the world, and 18 trips to the moon without an accident–an amazing feat!

Edward “Eddie” Hope began his career as an intercity bus driver for Continental Trailways, primarily along the New York-Boston corridor, for the better part of 18 years. Upon Peter Pan’s acquisition of Trailways New England in 1986, Ed joined our company, and according to National Transportation Safety Board regulations, he was able to transfer his accident-free years and mileage records to Peter Pan, where he has continued to excel to this day. (As of 2010, Ed has accrued 41 accident-free years of safe driving!)

In addition to his achieving two million and now three million miles of safe driving as of November, 2005, Ed has also been the recipient of The Peter C. Picknelly Founder’s Award, our company’s highest honor, The Mrs. Picknelly, Sr. Award – Driver of the Year for the Springfield Division of Peter Pan, and has received letters and accolades from many satisfied customers over the years.

A native of Pennsylvania, Ed now lives just a short jaunt away from one of his favorite pastimes – spending time (and money!) at Foxwoods Casino. A quiet, low-key gentleman, Ed is a fine example of true dedication to his family, his company and his profession, and Peter Pan is the better for having had him as a loyal employee all these years.


Alfred Protano (Retired) started his career in 1968 as cleaner in the Maintenance Department for Shortline Bus Company (which changed the name to Bonanza Bus Lines) 2 years later he decided to become a Motor Coach Operator and that’s been his love ever since. He remembers the first bus he drove between Fall River MA and Newport RI which was a 1942 GMC. For the 43 years on the on road he has received countless letters of accommodations from a safe driver, to very well dressed to great customer service skills. He resides in North Providence RI with his wife Ceasarama and they have four children and 3 great grandchildren.

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