Peter Pan Bus Lines: From Their Family To Yours.

From GreenXC – November 16, 2011.

Peter Pan Bus is one of the preeminent bus lines serving the Northeast. Founded almost a century ago by the Picknelly family and still based in Springfield, MA, it has grown to be one largest privately owned bus companies all in the hands of the same family. Through innovation and great customer service Peter Pan has grown to serve more than 100 cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. As with all things Northeast, New York is their most popular destination, followed closely by Boston, D.C., and Philadelphia.

The company is rightfully proud of its long and decorated history in the bus business. They have been a privately owned company for almost 80 years. Even those at the forefront of the company are fourth generation descendants of Peter Pan’s original founder. “These years of experience make us unique,” proudly recounts Peter A. Picknelly, the current President and CEO.  “The bus business is in our blood. We work in a family atmosphere with a spirit of camaraderie and a strong desire to serve the customer by being the best transportation company possible.”

Their other upper hand is that they are a truly Northeast company and understand the market so well. In Boston they provide bus services for many of the major colleges and universities which make Boston such an important hub, including the ubiquitous Harvard University.

Their customer count is over four million passengers a year. One a typical bus ride you will see students, senior citizen, business travelers and those commuting. Peter Pan’s extensive bus network attracts much than the typical college traveler with their high level of service. Connecting service nationwide is what distinguishes Peter Pan from many competitors. “While we serve 100 cities in the Northeast, we also connect people with cities throughout the entire country,” describes Picknelly. “Not only with Greyhound but also with Concord Coach in New Hampshire, Plymouth & Brockton on Cape Cod, Adirondack Trailways throughout up-state New York.  In essence, we connect passengers with any bus company nationwide that uses bus terminals.”

Being green for Peter Pan is more than just their famous color scheme. They are proud that their buses are twice as fuel-efficient as Amtrak and other train services, three times as efficient as automobiles and four times as efficient as commercial aviation.  All Peter Pan vehicles operate using Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel and some are even powered by biodeisel.  They involve technology to reduce polluting particulate emissions to near-zero levels helping us breathe a little easier.  They also use a unique  GPS system and have put it to work eliminating unnecessary idling, and by monitoring speeds and breaking they improved fuel efficiency by a commendable eight percent.

Should you ever want to chat with Peter Pan yourself just use their innovative Chat feature which instantly connects customers with with their Information Center from wherever they are. In fact customers on board a bus can “Chat” with them while enroute, which has become quite popular. Soon you can connect with the buses themselves as they plan to modify the website soon to allow customers to personally track the location of those instantly recognizable green Peter Pan buses.