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Peter Pan Bus Connects You to Summer Fun at Six Flags New England.

Six Flags Schedules & Ticket Prices

Six Flags New England Sky ScreamerSix Flags New England, the Thrill Capital of New England, has over 100 rides, shows, attractions and is home to New England’s largest water park, Hurricane Harbor.

New in 2014, the record breaking New England SkyScreamer! This attraction will officially stand twice as tall as any other ride while becoming the park’s newest icon. The New England SkyScreamer will tower over 400 feet in the air and reach speeds of up to 40 mph. Once the twenty-four thrill seekers board the ride, it quickly rises, taking guests 40 stories into the air while spinning round and round.

Six Flags New England Looney TunesSix Flags New England also offers 11 rollercoasters and New England’s largest Halloween attraction, Fright Fest. Children will not want to miss out on the four kid’s areas including: Kidzopolis, Looney Tunes Movie Town, Whistlestop Park and Splash Island. Thrill it up in 2014! For information, call (413) 786-9300 or visit

six_flags_catwormanPeter Pan’s convenient and cost-saving packages include Round-trip Bus Transportation & Discounted Admission Tickets. Packages are a great deal – a savings of up to 20%!

No driving, No Parking Hassles – and you don’t have to fill up your gas tank to get here!
Bus transportation begins at your hometown terminal to Springfield, and then off for a fun-packed day at Six Flags.

Six Flags also offers group rates, packages for school field trips and youth groups.

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For park information, call 413-786-9300 or visit

For charter buses to Six Flags, call 800.243.9560

If you are in the Greater Boston Area, call 800.334.6464

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